This single mode laser module is the entry power level for the higher output laser projectors. The excellent divergence and small beam along with the SmartDriver makes this an ideal solution for graphic projectors. Recommended products are our G4D4W and B2D4W modules which provide a perfect color balance. For scanning system, we recommend CT6215HP.

Advantages: small size, small output beam, low divergence, low power consumption and power dissipation due to our SmartDriver. Due to the high quality optics, the beam is directed basically without any loss to the scanners.


The R18D3W is an OEM optical set up consisting of eighteen single mode laser diodes in an array.


Main features:

  • TEC controlled cooling & hermetically sealed housing

  • Precize and small components make our product very stable

  • Built with high quality selected & tested components for high-demand specs

  • Special custom made optics built specifically for our products

  • Long lifetime

  • Easy integration

  • Low maintenance

Wavelength 638 nm
Output power 3000 mW
Beam size 4.5x4.5 mm
Full beam size @ 25m 35 mm
Beam divergence 1.2 mRad
Polarization H&V
Analog Modulation 1 MHz @ -3 dB
Operating current/voltage: 6.8 A / 12 V
Type of cooling: AEC Actively Externally Cooled : cooled with TEC externally
Max power dissipation incl. TEC: 82 W

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