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Steel structure anchor bolt

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Steel structure anchor bolt

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The types of steel structure anchor bolts are generally classified into fixed anchor bolts, movable anchor bolts and expansion anchor bolts. Different types of steel structure anchor bolts are used differently. Fixed anchor bolts are also known as short bolts. These short bolts are integrated with the foundation of the building or equipment. Stationary devices are generally quiet and vibration-free devices, such as some that use such fixed anchors to secure the fence. Movable anchors are also known as long anchors. This anchor is very special. It is called special because it is a detachable anchor. Steel structure anchor bolts are fixed on heavy-duty large equipment with strong vibration and shock. For example, the ball mill is fixed by using a movable anchor bolt.

The steel structure anchor bolt manufacturer has good reliability. The zinc layer and the bolt surface of the hot-dip galvanized bolt are metallurgically bonded, so their bonding is very stable, which is also the reason for the long-term hot dip galvanized bolt. Durable, standard hot dip galvanized bolts can be used in natural conditions for more than 50 years without repair, so the use of hot dip galvanized bolts can greatly reduce production costs.

Steel structure anchor bolt

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