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Stainless steel studs wholesale

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Stainless steel studs wholesale

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Stud bolts are generally used in mining machinery, bridges, automobiles, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, hanging towers, large-span steel structures and large buildings. The large-scale venues used in such large-scale venues are also relatively large. Stainless steel stud bolts are the first choice for purchasers. They are basically wholesale. This is not only sufficient, but the price is also controllable, and the preferential margin is relatively large.

Stainless steel stud bolts are made of materials: Q235, 45#, 40Cr, 35CrMoA, Q345D. The specifications are: M3mm-M100mm, the length can be customized according to user needs.

High-strength stud bolts, made of 35#, 45#, 35CrMoA, 25Cr2MoV, 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 2H, 2HM, B7, B7M, B16, B8, 8, B8M, 8M, widely used in electric power, chemical industry , refining, valves, railways, bridges, steel structures, automobile and motorcycle parts, etc.

Stainless steel studs are: M12×100 GB/T901-88 (standard) 35#/35# (material) 8.8/8 (modulation level) means: diameter = 12mm length = 100mm GB/T901-88 The national standard is adopted (of course, industry standards can also be adopted as needed)

1, used in the main body for large equipment, you need to install accessories, such as sight glass, mechanical seal seat, reduction frame, etc., this is the stud bolt used, one end screwed into the main body, after installing the attachment, the other end with a nut Since the attachment is often removed, the thread may be worn or damaged, and it may be convenient to replace it with a stud.

2. For the thickness of the connecting body is very large, when the bolt length is very long, the stud bolt will be used.

Stainless steel studs wholesale

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