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Stainless steel U-bolt price

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Stainless steel U-bolt price

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Stainless steel U-bolt, high-strength u-bolt, that is, riding bolt, riding bolt English name is U-bolt, it is a non-standard part, so it is a fixed product, then the price of stainless steel U-bolt is charged according to customer's needs, its material And specifications, there are related introductions below, because the shape is U-shaped, it is called U-bolt, and the two ends are threaded to be combined with the nut. It is mainly used to fix tubular objects such as water pipes or sheets such as leaf springs of automobiles. Because it fixes objects like a person riding on the horse, it is called a horse riding bolt.

The u type is generally used in trucks, it is used to stabilize the car's ground and frame. For example, leaf springs are stainless steel U-bolts to connect.

Stainless steel U-bolt marking: thread size 20mm, u-bolt manufacturer, material is 20# steel. Fixed outer diameter D0=25mm U-bolt for pipe: U-bolt 25 JB/ZQ 4321-1, fixed outer diameter D0=25mm, galvanized U-bolt for pipe: U-bolt 25 -Zn, JB/ZQ4321—97. Generally used for installation and fixing. Generally used in the fixing of pipes, wire ropes and other occasions. The stainless steel U-shaped screw adopts the principle of anti-loosening, which eliminates (or limits) the relative movement between the thread pairs, or increases the difficulty of relative movement to achieve a fixed effect;

Stainless steel U-bolt product specifications: M6-M30 optional. Surface treatment: electroplating white zinc, blue and white zinc, multicolored zinc, marine U-bolt, black, hot-dip galvanized, chrome-plated seven surface treatment options; product grade: 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 optional. Product application: Widely used in construction, machinery, railway, lifting, steel, power plants, ports, smelting and many other fields.

Through the above introduction, I believe that how do you charge the price of stainless steel U-bolts? I understand it, because it has too many categories, so there is no specific quotation. If you have this need, please call us!

Stainless steel U-bolt price

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