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Stainless steel nut

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Stainless steel nut

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The stainless steel nut is internally threaded, the shape is generally flat hexagonal column shape, but also has a flat square or flat cylindrical shape, with bolts, studs or machine screws for fastening two parts to make it Be a whole.

Stainless steel nuts have the following special categories:

       The high-strength self-locking nut is a classification of self-locking nuts with a high strength and high reliability side. Mainly based on the introduction of European technology, it is used in road construction machinery, mining machinery, vibration machinery and equipment, etc. At present, there are very few manufacturers producing such products in China.

       Nylon self-locking nut Nylon self-locking nut is a new type of high anti-vibration and anti-loose fastening parts, which can be applied to various mechanical and electrical products with temperature of -50~100°C. At present, the demand for nylon self-locking nuts in aerospace, aviation, tanks, mining machinery, automobile transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical products and various types of machinery has increased dramatically because of its anti-vibration and anti-loose properties. Other various anti-loose devices, and the vibration life is several times or even several times higher. More than 80% of current mechanical equipment accidents are caused by loose fasteners, especially in mining machinery, and the use of nylon self-locking nuts can prevent major accidents caused by loose fasteners.

Stainless steel nut

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