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Stainless steel bolt custom manufacturers

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Stainless steel bolt custom manufacturers

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Stainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless acid-resistant steel. Common stainless steel: chrome stainless steel, containing Cr≥12% or more; nickel-chromium stainless steel, containing Cr≥18%, containing Ni≥12%, in short, stainless steel is also a metal product. However, its chemical stability is better, but when the surface is contaminated, such as oil, dust and acid, alkali, salt, etc. attached to the surface of the workpiece are converted into corrosive media under certain conditions, and chemically reacts with certain components in the stainless steel. The reaction produces chemical corrosion and rust, so the solid mechanical stainless steel fasteners also need to be treated with oxidation and rust.

Stainless steel bolt custom manufacturers tell you why stainless steel fasteners are rusty. First we have to start with its own metal properties. The stability of stainless steel is generally better than that of ordinary carbon steel fasteners, but it is also unstable. It is also related to changes in the environment. Long-term moist environment, adhesion of other acidic impurities such as noodle soup, and strong acid (if nitric acid) or condensed water are the direct causes of rust.

Stainless steel bolt custom manufacturers

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