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Custom stainless steel bolt price

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Custom stainless steel bolt price

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       The thread of stainless steel bolt is a kind of uniform spiral shape on the outer or inner surface of the solid. It needs to use stainless steel bolts when decorating. The price of custom stainless steel bolt is slightly more expensive than ordinary bolt because it is customized. In the process of wasting material costs, personnel design costs, etc., many customers can not see the potential cost. And it has a long life.

        When using the product, the customer needs to see if the tooth pattern is rough or has foreign matter sticking. If the inspection finds abnormal shape, it should be timely and the manufacturer feedback; the nut must be screwed perpendicular to the axis of the screw, do not tilt; good stainless steel bolt It has low carbon content and good corrosion resistance; it has good heat resistance when used.

        Stainless steel bolts have high toughness and plasticity, but the strength is low, it is impossible to strengthen by phase transformation, and can only be strengthened by cold working, it has good machinability, and has comprehensive and good comprehensive performance in various industries. It has been widely used.

Custom stainless steel bolt price

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