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Stainless steel bolts

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Stainless steel bolts

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Stainless steel bolts are made by spot welding, riveting, bonding, punching, etc. These methods will destroy the fastening of the connecting parts and the anti-loose mechanism. The strength of the connecting parts is reduced. The mechanical anti-loose is mechanically used to prevent bolts. Loose, this anti-loose method is firm and reliable, but some of the common forms of friction relaxation for mechanical anti-loose are easy to loose when subjected to impact load, and the work is unreliable.

The large formwork connection shall be no less than five through-wall bolts; the male angle die shall be connected to the large formwork with not less than five bolts. Large template triangle supports should be symmetrically distributed on both sides of the template. After all the template installations have been adjusted, the pre-inspection of the formwork works will be carried out before the concrete can be poured. Hang the cylinder mold, open the mold according to the axis, and after correcting the vertical, tighten the bolts through the wall.

Stainless steel bolts custom specifications, product development, production, manufacturing, maintenance, processing as one. If you are a first-time user who is not familiar with the stainless steel product process, you should consult your supplier about the characteristics of stainless steel. In general, slowing down the lock can greatly reduce (or even completely avoid) the chance of locking. Because heat often occurs when it is locked, when the heat energy increases, the probability of locking increases. When in use, the speed of locking the stainless steel fasteners should be lower than the speed of locking the carbon steel.

Stainless steel bolts

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