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Analyze the use of steel structure anchor bolts!

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Analyze the use of steel structure anchor bolts!

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In recent years, government departments have repeatedly stressed that SMEs should improve the level of innovation and development, and promote the transformation and upgrading of SMEs. The same is true for our fastener companies, from “machine replacement”, “transformation upgrade” to “smart manufacturing”. In fact, it is only different in terms of reference. The basic principle is to encourage enterprises to change old concepts, gradually change the original production methods, improve product quality and improve efficiency. As a company, we must also enhance our sense of social responsibility, keep up with the pace of the times, understand national policies, actively learn from our peers, and make full use of the outside brain to help plan and achieve development.

Steel structure anchor bolts can also be referred to as high strength bolts. Made of high quality alloy steel with large cap hex bolts. The performance level reaches 10.9S, so people call it a high-strength large hex head bolt. High-strength large hex bolts are commonly used in steel construction equipment and are therefore commonly referred to as steel construction bolts. Analyze the use of steel structure anchor bolts!

Only know the interval of use per square to know how many squares are arranged. This is one of the problems encountered in engineering accounting early. Of course, all previous calculations are based on the actual conditions of the construction project. Only then can we determine the spacing of the water stop screw. If the pressure on the concrete side is relatively large, such as the wall is relatively high, pumping concrete pouring, etc., the arrangement of the water stop screw pitch will be very dense, and the amount used is relatively large. Of course, it also depends on the diameter of the water stop screw. Typically, the spacing of 50-120 is not equal, and the placement of each level is estimated to be 2-5. What is the spacing between the basement water stop screws?

Steel structure anchor bolts with a circular cylindrical shaft at one end and a gap between each column. The end faces of the blocks are provided with material-saving holes. The connecting sleeve between the intermediate screw and the end screw has a tubular pad, the central part of the pad is a fixing ring, the tubular pad is provided with a connecting external thread, and one end of the end screw is provided with a connecting external thread connecting the internal thread and the intermediate screw.

If there is a pre-embedded anchor bolt in the south, the water easily penetrates into the screw, so the water stop screw welds a square steel piece in the middle of the screw to fix the template or prevent the column of the explosion mold when pouring the concrete of the basement wall because The root rod passes through the wall and uses the dimensions of the pull tube between the two and can match the flip screw. 3. The screws connecting the two ends of the inner bracket are rotating screws, which can be easily loaded and unloaded.

Professional photocells are custom made and have residual sealing conditions during press processing. The bolts are very large in size. A large preload force must be applied to the bolt to ensure that the initial seal of the octagonal pad and the sealing requirements of the reactor connection parts are high, especially if the flange diameter is greater than 1 m, so that the flange thickness position and shape, investigate and explain these The accumulation of magnetic powder has reached the intention of removing the goods.

Steel structure anchor bolt

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