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Introduce the installation process of stainless steel stud bolts

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Introduce the installation process of stainless steel stud bolts

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As a manufacturer specializing in bolts, Dongtai Baiyi has rich products and professional craftsmanship. For many small partners, it is a gospel. We can teach you common sense and teach you how to use it so that you can use it better. Today is small. I will introduce you to the installation process of stainless steel stud bolts, which are mainly divided into the following steps:

1. The studs must be installed using the mounting process characteristics of the stainless steel studs. This is to prevent the screw from getting stuck when it is screwed in, and it can be removed and reinstalled. In order to ensure the tightness of the screw-in end of the stud bolt and the thread of the machine body, there is no looseness during the assembly and disassembly of the nut. The tightening end of the stud bolt should be wave-matched for the medium diameter after fitting. A certain amount of interference. A shouldered construction can be used, or the last few turns can be tightened to fit the stud into a soft material. When the thread machine is turned off, the interference may be slightly larger.

2. The axis of the stud must be perpendicular to the body surface. Pay attention to this when tapping a hole and tapping it. Check the angle during installation. When the axis and the machine surface have a small amount of tilt, the faucet can be calibrated by the faucet. Or check the calibration using the installed studs. When the inclination is large, do not use strong correction to prevent bolt damage.

3. The stud bolt is used to connect the mechanical fixed link function. The studs are threaded at both ends. The middle screw is thick and thin and is sometimes called a double-headed screw. Studs are mainly used in mining machinery. Bridges, cars, motorcycles, boiler steel structures, hanging towers, large span steel structures and large buildings.

Stainless steel stud bolts, used for the main body of large equipment, need to install accessories, such as sight glass, mechanical seal seat, deceleration frame, etc. This is the stud bolt used, one end is screwed into the main body, the rear attachment is installed, and the other end is equipped with a nut. Since the attachment is often removed, it may wear or damage the thread and it may be convenient to replace it with a stud. For the thickness of the connector is very large, when the bolt length is very long, the stud bolt will be used.

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