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Analysis of the causes of stainless steel U-bolt attenuation

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Analysis of the causes of stainless steel U-bolt attenuation

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The main function of the stainless steel U-bolt is to achieve the joint between the parts of the leaf spring to prevent the longitudinal and lateral oscillation of the leaf spring to ensure that it is fixed on the bridge or on the balance shaft spring. Damping the torque to make the spring bolt of the leaf spring, using fastening bolts, affects the main problem in the U-bolt, the displacement of the main cause of the leaf spring will be destroyed.

In the state of the spring steel plate, the load causes the workload to be less than the preload of the stainless steel U-bolt, the leaf spring tends to deform, the spring disappears, and the friction loss between the stainless steel U-bolt leaves each customer without being installed to The front part of the vehicle, because it is inevitable that the U-bolt reduces the workload has been tightened torque, resulting in attenuation, in the more serious operation of the vehicle, the suspension system, such as jitter, attenuation fastening it comes from the bias torque problem The leaf spring between them reduces the energy. Therefore, when the tightening torque is inevitable in the state of the narrow U-bolt mounted leaf spring, the suspension structure, the more important attenuation of the tightening torque problem, especially the threaded connection to the front long U-bolt.

The stainless steel U-bolt from the leaf spring of the leaf spring makes the spring steel bolt spring block between the central portion of the gap, it can not be achieved in a flat, inverted installation state. Since the length of the leaf spring seat is larger than the U-bolt spacing, when the arc height of the vehicle mounting leaf spring becomes small to a certain extent, the gap is expanded to the u-bolt portion. In addition, it is obvious that the stress analysis of the U-bolt, the force of the opposite direction of the tension and the leaf spring and the carrier medium are, the U-bolt is elastically deformed, and the gap will result in an increase in the leaf spring and the leaf spring. The friction plate springs, the jitter, the rushing force of the vehicle's running load, the sudden U-bolts, which are generated by the change, cause the U-bolts and nuts to return between the leaf springs for a long time which will weaken the tightening torque.

Therefore, when it is determined that the vehicle is subjected to the deformation operation of the inner friction leaf spring, the workload is lower than the preload so that the U-bolt bottom layer of the torque damping rail of the U-bolt is not small. By combining the high frequency jitter of the suspension system, the tightening torque of the stainless steel U-bolt is more severely attenuated.

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