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Common sense of sharing stainless steel full thread bars

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Common sense of sharing stainless steel full thread bars

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       A stainless steel full thread bar is a shape having a uniform spiral shape on a section of the outer or inner surface of the solid, and the fit of the threaded fastener refers to the degree of tightness between the threads that are screwed to each other. Refers to the combination of deviations and tolerances on the internal and external threads.

       For inch threads, the external thread has the following three grades: 1A, 2A, 3A. The internal thread has the following three grades: 1B, 2B, and 3B, all of which belong to the clearance fit. The higher the grade, the tighter the fit. For inch threads, the 3A deviation is 0, and the 1A and 2A deviations are the same.

       Classes 1A and 1B are very loose tolerance grades and are suitable for tolerance fit between external and internal threads; Grades 2A and 2B are the most common tolerance levels for inch mechanical fasteners; Class 3A and 3B are capable of spinning The tightest fit is typically used for tight tolerance fasteners and a critical safety design.

       There is a tolerance between the 1A and 2A grades of the stainless steel full thread bar, and the 3A class does not. In general, the tolerance of the 1A class is 50% larger than the 2A class and 75% larger than the 3A class. The 2B tolerance of the internal thread is 30% larger than the 2A level, the 1B level is 50% larger than the 2B level, and it is 75% larger than the 3B level.

Stainless steel full thread bar

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