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Enterprise development status of stainless steel U-bolts

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Enterprise development status of stainless steel U-bolts

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       The production of high-strength stainless steel U-bolts, whether it is raw material supply or consistent production, is not the most advanced problem in the automotive industry. Relevant equipment and technical processes can be improved as soon as possible through various channels. It is difficult for domestic high-strength bolt products to achieve mass production. One of the key reasons is that the company's test data is insufficiently accumulated, and the company has not made enough efforts. Taking the bolt surface treatment process as an example, when the bolt material is different from the material of the fixed component, it is necessary to add a coating to the product to ensure sufficient friction to prevent the bolt from corroding and falling off, and this seemingly simple coating process requires the enterprise to accumulate. Countless test data.

       In addition, in the automotive bolt industry, we must not only focus on high strength, but also on high precision, such as the ultra-small bolts used on engine injectors. High strength and high precision are the development direction of the automobile bolt industry.

       Looking at it now, domestic fastener companies should adjust the product structure in a timely manner, change the production mode, and learn from the production methods of the Japanese bolt industry. In Japan, a stainless steel U-bolt company is likely to have only a few people. It is a production model consisting entirely of mechanical and manual, and the business is relatively simple, only a few bolts or a process responsible for producing bolts. A number of such companies are connected in series to form a complete bolt manufacturing industry chain. Such a company is very professional and its products are constantly improving.

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