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Installation steps and procedures of steel structure anchor bolt manufacturers

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Installation steps and procedures of steel structure anchor bolt manufacturers

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Many of our friends have not known how to use the bolts after purchasing the bolts. Many customers will contact us to inquire. Today, the steel structure anchor bolt manufacturers make a unified feedback for the friends, detailing the installation steps and attention of the lower anchor bolts. matter:

The steel structure anchor bolt manufacturer fastens the machine to the ground, and firmly connects the cast iron platform to the foundation to avoid displacement and overturning during work. The cast iron plate is leveled with the horn during the installation process, and then used. The foot bolts are fixed, generally Q235 steel, which is light round.

In many mechanical equipment installation projects, the anchor bolt is one of the indispensable accessories. Its function is to firmly connect the equipment to the foundation to avoid displacement and overturning of the equipment during operation. The anchor bolts mainly include dead anchor bolts, live anchor bolts and anchoring anchor bolts. Dead anchor bolts are usually used to fix small and medium-sized equipment that has no impact and vibration or vibration during operation; live anchor bolts are generally used to fix heavy equipment with strong vibration and shock during operation; anchored anchor bolts are also called expansion Bolts are mainly used for light and small equipment without vibration.

During the construction process, the steel structure anchor bolt manufacturers often encounter secondary grouting of the dead anchor bolts, that is, when the foundation is poured, the reserved holes for the anchor bolts are reserved in advance, and the equipment is worn when the equipment is installed. Lift the anchor bolts and then pour the anchor bolts with concrete or cement mortar. Before the anchor bolts are laid, the rust and oil on the anchor bolts should be removed, but the threaded parts should be greased, and then check whether the cooperation with the nuts is good. During the process of laying the anchor bolts, it should be prevented. The debris falls into the bolt hole to ensure the quality of the grout. When preparing the secondary pouring of the hook-type anchor bolts, it should be noted that the lower end hooks must not touch the bottom, at least 100mm clearance should be left, and the distance between the bolts and the sides of the hole wall should not be less than 15mm. If the gap is too small, it is not easy to fill when grouting, and holes will appear in the concrete. If the equipment is installed on a concrete floor in the basement or foundation, the hook end of the anchor bolt should be hooked on the steel bar; if there is no steel bar, a round steel is applied across the hook.

When the concrete in the reserved hole reaches more than 75% of its design strength, the anchor bolts should be tightened, and the tightening force of each bolt should be uniform; after tightening, the bolt should expose the nut, and the exposed length should be 1/ of the bolt diameter. 3 to 2/3.

Precautions for the installation of steel structure anchor bolts: Before pouring concrete, the screws and nuts on the upper part of the bolt sleeve should be covered with butter and wrapped with plastic cloth and tied with iron wire. Pouring concrete, especially when pumping concrete, must avoid the extrusion of concrete and cause the anchor bolts to move. Concrete pump pipes should be placed directly against the anchor bolts, and artificial fabrics should be taken as far as possible within 30 cm of the anchor bolts and the surrounding area. When using the vibrating bar, do not vibrate excessively in the above area. When pouring concrete, the construction personnel shall strengthen the monitoring of the anchor bolts, and use the water level gauge and the theodolite to check the anchor bolts of each group (especially the anchor bolts that are being poured around the concrete). Once the deviation is found, it should be corrected immediately.

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