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Stainless steel nut removal method

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Stainless steel nut removal method

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When a customer uses a stainless steel nut, he or she will generally know its service life in order to prevent it from being repaired and dismantled in time before the service life expires. The following stainless steel nut manufacturers give you a simple answer to how the stainless steel nut should be disassembled when the service life is about to expire, I hope to help you.

There are many places where the stainless steel nut is used to fix the parts on the machine. However, due to the frequent disassembly, the hexagonal hexagon of the bolt is easy to be rounded. At this time, the slippage occurs, and it is difficult to remove the hexagonal wrench. Here are a few ways to describe a stainless steel nut part that can be removed without damaging the part.

For the connection of the hexagonal stainless steel nut head slightly higher than or flat on the plane of the fixed part, a stainless steel nut slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the hexagonal stainless steel nut head can be placed on the stainless steel nut head, and then the nut and the inner hexagon are used. The stainless steel nut heads are spot welded together. After cooling, the nuts can be removed by moving the nuts.

Hex nuts work in many ways, especially hexagonal nuts, which are commonly used as the most commonly used fasteners for assembling plastic parts. They can be used for both permanent and permanent assembly, as well as for the repair of frequently repaired parts. Choosing unsuitable stainless steel nuts often leads to problems with assembly, use, and quality. The threads in the assembly of the part are pre-designed in the mold.

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